Staples Rewards Program for PTA Members

Welcome PTA Members!

This Staples portal enables you to sign up for the special Staples Rewards Program exclusively for PTA members. If you have any program questions or technical issues, please contact the Staples National Account Support Center at 855-735-0339 or email

About the Staples Rewards Program for PTA Members

Signing up using the form below will entitle you as a PTA member to receive an exclusive in-store discount on the supplies you need most.
  • Get 10% off instantly on office supplies and furniture
  • Get 25% off instantly on Copy and Print
Plus, you’ll get 5% back in rewards on everything else you buy at Staples (except postage, phone/gift cards and savings passes) and free shipping on

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Disclosure: The information you submit below is being provided directly to Staples and does not alter the information you previously submitted to National PTA during the PTA member card activation process. Because PTA does not share your personal information with any commercial party, some of the fields below may be a duplication of what you already have provided to PTA. Staples needs this information to fully enroll you in our Rewards program so that you may begin enjoying the special PTA discounts and services. Your information provided to Staples does not need to match exactly what you submitted to PTA (i.e., you can use a different email address, etc.).

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12)   Do you have a Staples Rewards Number? If so, please enter it in the space below and we will assign the PTA discount program to your card. It will be activated within 2-3 business days of your registration.
(If you have a Rewards number, but don’t remember it, CLICK HERE to confirm your Staples Rewards Number.)

*13)   The Staples Rewards® Association program is governed by all terms and conditions of the Staples Rewards program (available at and the following additional terms.

Staples Rewards Association members receive a 10% instant discount on supplies and furniture (excludes technology, technology accessories, ink and toner, and calculators), a 25% instant discount on copy and print purchases and 5% back in Rewards on all other products in store excluding postage, prepaid phone cards, gift cards and savings and passes. When these products are subject to promotions: (i) which reduce the price of a product (such as promotions offering instant savings or coupons), you will receive the lower of the instant savings or the promotional price; and (ii) which give you additional Rewards (such as promotions offering double Rewards), we will match that promotional price with a combination of instant savings and Rewards. Benefits earned as part of the Staples Rewards Associations program replace any previous benefits earned as part of the Staples Rewards program. Staples Rewards Association members who leave their organization or do not renew their membership by September 30th, 2015 will lose all Staples Rewards Association benefits. Program status will be updated based on the previous 12 months spend.

I agree to the terms of this program as stated above.